Still with the small things

Me and my sewing machine get along much much better lately. So well actually, that I am planning clothesmaking again. But in order to not break the peace, I focused on small projects in the last weeks, First of all my first mug rug:

I Used an absolutely gorgeous mushroom print that I bought a while ago, having no idea what it would become. I still have a lot left, and it is really hard to cut into because the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

After that, when I was playing around with some stuff while I actually shout have been organizing my sewing supplies, I found a baby pink zipper. Pink. I would have never bought that, it must have come from my grandmothers stuff - and I wanted to make something special out of it.

So a zippered pouch it became, after I dug around my fabric stash looking for a print that at least features pink. I think this was the only one (back then - I ordered a ton of fabric since). I love the polka dots on the inside, and it was fun to try a patchwork pattern for the outside without committing to a whole quilt. I like how the star turned out, but I am sure that there is a more efficient way to do this pattern, I just winged it. If I would do it again, I would look for a pattern first.

And of course, there have to be buttons. Big colorful ones.
The pouch has already found a home in my office, I keep all my girl stuff in there that one needs but does not want to have floating around in a drawer - like aspirin, hand lotion, tampons and such. Now they are stored away prettily, and I don't have to worry about accidentally spilling tampons everywhere.

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