The little things

My life is very full right now. Full of work, training, sunshine, cozy nights in with my man, cinema nights out with my girl friends... And here and there, in between all that, I snatch away a few minutes to craft. I still don't trust myself with big projects, so I have been focusing on smaller things lately, and finishing old projects.

These socks are one of the old, old projects... I started them in September last year I think, and only finished them a few days ago. But I love them so much.

I like the colorful stripes and the cable pattern (which almost drove me insane while knitting), and I like to wear woolen socks even on summer nights.

In a sudden burst of courage, I wanted to try a dresden plate patchwork pattern a a few weeks ago. Inspired by this post, I set to work, paper piecing the pattern, and I love how my new pincushion turned out. Almost too pretty to stick pins into...