I can't believe it's already the last day of my time off and I start work tomorrow. My first real job! I am excited, hopeful, scared all at the same time. But it's going to be fine, this always happenes to me when bigger changes come along, I am nervous but in the end it's all good.

I enjoyed my time off from studying and working immensely. I made a lot of things (which I hope to show soon), went jogging and to yoga, read books and had so much "me-time". I really think that my batteries are full not and I am ready to start something new.

Yesterday was definitely a day that brought new things: I ran my first race. It was the "Glarner stadtlauf" in  the town where I leved before and where my parents still live, and me and my mum decided to run in the womans category. It was a race over 5 rounds, 7875 m in total (what an odd number). And I made it! I was dead last im my category, but the goal was to finish, so mission accomplished. I only started running last spring, and I am really proud that I made it this far already. The goal for next year is to run the Greifenseelauf, which is a half marathon. Thankfully it is not until next September, so I have enough time to prepare for it.

I'm so glad that sports (at lease a few types) is finally enjoyable for me!


 After sending my corrected thesis off to my supervisor (fingers crossed that the next corrections will be the last ones... I really really want to finish my masters already), I am now again at liberty to do with my time as I please. It feels so good to have some time off before my next  big adventure - having an actual job - starts. 

Much of my time has been spent crafting, and before I really dive into knitting again I made a cozy home for my needles. They look like they all lie in their sleeping bags, waiting until I wake them for the next project...

And from the leftover fabric, I made a bag-of-sorts, using the very last scrap of the red fabric on the outside, the red fabric on the inside, the ribbons for the braid, and the red thread. A stashbusting project really (ironically, I am trying to build stash too). The design was heavily inspired by dottie angel, and the words say "knit fast, die warm", a quote I found on craftster one day and instantly knew that I wanted to use it in some project.

And now the bag is home to many many many small knitted patches, which will become a cozy blanket some day. Maybe not this year, as there are over 120 pieces so far, and I am still knitting...


The original plan for this Sunday was to invest some time into this new space of mine, make it pretty and presentable and write a little about me - but plans change. It was the Star Trek weekend on Film 4, an English TV channel that I watch sometimes, and even though I am not a Trekkie (yet), I have a thing for anything space travel related, and decided to dedicate the weekend to Mr. Spock and my knitting instead.
I hope your Sunday was as relaxing as mine!