To Market!

Today, the eve of my first craft fair, seems fitting for a revival of my little space here.

I have made many thins in the past years, and many I would have liked to share, but the longer I went without posting, the more difficult it felt go get back into it.

My mini quilts!

So tomorrow, from 10-16 I will join the "Koffermarkt", a craft fair where everyone presents their handmades in a suitcase. The initial motivation came from my stash - I had (and still have) a lot of great fabric that I once loved, but I just don't find exciting anymore. In order to free up space and still use this material, I made drawstring bags, mini quilts and zipper pouches over the last few months. Since the same goes for my yarn stash, I also made armwarmers and fingerless mitts for the market.

Fingerless Mittens! The black smudge is actually a pair of mitts, the same pattern as the pale green ones.

I'm so excited for tomorrow, to see if anyone is interested in my stuff, and also what the other people are selling! I have no doubt that some of the money I will (hopefully) earn will go right back into handmades.
And if I sell nothing, I will have christmas and birthday presents for the next few years, haha.

the suitcase, stuffed full of drawstring bags. I put in the green lining, and I looove it!
So, off to market I go!