It's already March?

So apparently it is possible to not blog for almost three months. Who would have thought. I tried to figure out what kept me away from here, as I usually really like to ramble on about stuff on my blog, and it all comes down to three reasons:

One: My priorities at the moment are my boyfriend, my job and my training. Closely followed by the household, that’s kinda necessary sometimes. The boyfriend has to work horrid overtime (like 50+ hours a week, every week), and that leaves me with most oft he cooking and organizing. Which is fine, but does not leave much creativity time. Plus with starting my new job and training for a half marathon, my days are full. It’s a good kind of full, I like my job and I have learnt to like running too, it just makes you tired at the end oft he day and quite unable to read knitting patterns or the like. At least spring has finally sprung and I don’t have to go out looking like this anymore:

Two: The lack of camera. When I had to hand in a picture of me for my masters ceremony last week, I realized that in the year 2010, about ten pictures were taken of me. Total. I may have about 4 or 5 of them, all in awesome cell phone quality (as proven by the pic above). Now what you have to know about my cell phone: It’s old. It has a cracked lens, the color is coming off and it is held together by adhesive tape. Not the best option to take nice pictures, but the only one I have. I will look into purchasing a decent camera with the next paycheck, or at least the one after that. Yesyesyes.

Three: I am in a serious sewing rut. I have several projects that I was totally motivated about, that turned out horrible. One pair of pants that may still be rescued, a skirt that looks like a potato sack on me and a blazer that went wrong on so many levels are waiting to be turned either into trash or something nice. I think the only thing I managed to fabricate lately are dishcloths, which meant sewing bias tape to fabric squares, what a challenge.

I hope I can share how I rescued the other projects sometime, but the motivation to try again is pretty low.

What I do have, as opposed to sewing luck, is ideas. If only a few oft hem come to be I will be most happy. I will keep you posted (and I mean it, failed projects or not).