My lack of blogging before Christmas has not been due to lack of crafting. I was working on a big present for my mom, and ouf course I could not show it here, I wanted it to be a surprise! But now that it has arrived at its new home, I am free to post the pictures (I took them seconds before wrapping the present, I almost forgot!).

We always had christmas placemats when I was little, but they eventually fell apart, and were never replaced. So, knowing how much I like to sew and make things for her, my mom asked for a new set. Se did not give me any guidelines besides „christmassy“, so I could play around with fabrics and different quilting patterns (without destroying a whole quilt top). I love that all the placemats are different, yet still belong together.

I think she loved them as much as I loved making them!


Ah, how refreshing a few days without internet can be! Not that it was out, my boyfriend was online pretty much constantly, but I just didn’t feel like sitting in front of the screen, now that I don’t have to. So I gave myself a small vacation, from the internet, blogging, reading blogs, e-mail and all the various paged that I waste my time with on a daily basis.
I will have some catching up to do in the next days, and I am looking forward to it, but right now, I enjoy what all those hours without PC added up to.

I have been working on this blanket since early summer, creating a mountain of individual squares first, and then, over the course of the holidays, sewing them together into one ig cozy blanket. I almost gave up towards the end, it felt like I just could now sew another piece to this thing. But I finished after all, and it seems to be cozy.

In the crafting world, I always considered myself rooted in the sewing corner, with few visits to other crafts. But with the colder temperatures lately, I found myself knitting more and more. I have two projects on the needles and a sweater planned (!!!). Considering that, and my recent quilting and crochet adventures, it seems like I am finally leaving my craft-comfort zone. Which I love. There is so much out there to be discovered!

But right now I am happy with my latest woolly knit and some books to be reread...