Me and my sewing machine have made our peace, and I'm sewing up a storm lately! With the very hot day we had in the beginning of july, I was in need of some light summer pants, but all my closet offered were heavy jeans... so I looked around in my burda patterns and got to work.

Super confortable light plaid pants, perfect for summer, nice enough for work but loose enough for biking... They are awesome.

But I couldn't stop there. I had fabric lying around, intended for comfy stay-at-home pants, and it called to me. After all, I was on a wave of sewing success, right? I combined my mock-patchwork with some castle peeps by lizzie House and BAM! another pair of pants. 

comfy pants 01

Having more and more handmade items around me, in my closet and also for daily life, makes me so happy!